Tips For Studying Effectively: What to Do When Your Brain Is About To Explode

Tips For Studying EffectivelyWhen students ask me to give them tips for studying effectively, I compare our minds with an MP3 player. When we study, our mind can full up like an MP3 player. Once you recognize hitting a storage limit, you can do something about it.

If you’re popping in new ideas into your mind like mp3’s into an mp3 player, there will come a point when you can’t store any more information – at least temporarily. Many students beat themselves up over this. Instead self-torture and suffering, I suggest being productive.

What do you do when you’re mp3 player is full and you still want the contents? Most move the contents onto their computer’s hard drive. If new ideas are mp3’s, then we can say our mp3 player is short-term memory and our hard drive is long-term memory. A helpful question to ask when you hit a study limit is, “How can I best move these new ideas (mp3’s) from my short-term memory (mp3 player) into my long-term memory (hard drive)?”

Tip #1: Sleep

They studied Stanford University’s top students and were surprised by

How to Study for Exams Tips

How to Study for Exams TipsThe time before exams is the time where you should be the most focused on what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, so that you make the best use of the time before exams.

This can help you have the best grades after your exams, that’s why you need to know how to study for exams, and in this post I will show you some of the most practical tips.

Organize your time for exams: you have to spend enough time to organize your time for each subject through the two weeks before exams. You should put more time for long subject and less time for short subjects, by doing so and studying in the exact time you put for your subject, you will manage to study each subject and gather the most information before exams.

Revise what you studied while relaxing: for me relaxing times were before I sleep, after I wake up and while I was bathing. I used to practice revision through those times which helped my mind to be so flexible through the exam time because

Developing Essential Study Skills That Will Help You Reach Your Goal

Developing Essential Study Skills That Will Help You Reach Your GoalWhen you are a student, you find ways in order to cope with a lot of stress and pressure in school. Academics are very tough especially if you are faced with a lot of nerve wracking and brain cracking puzzles and things to memorize and solve. I know because I have also been a student once and it takes a lot of courage to be able to finish what you have started. There is no wonder why many kids drop out from school. They just could not take the world of education. As for me, in order to pass your subjects you have got to develop essential study skills but that is not all easy.

Who said being a student is easy? It is not. You also face a lot of problems in school-emotionally and mentally. You need supervision from other people so that you will be reminded of the things that you must do and to keep you in the right track. There should also be balance both from studies and extracurricular activities. It is not healthy that

Helpful Study Tips For College Students

Since first day of the school, we are continually told that to succeed we have to study. We will by no means pass that significant metric conversion examination if we do not learn our metric calculator, for instance. The only difficulty is we were not taught proper way of studying.

From nursery school to high school, we all have been on own while it came to studies. Only thing that we knew is if we don’t study, we will probably fail. In order to help you further, here is some steps on proper method how to study.

Need to Study
Are you worried about big metric conversion examination? Then get correctly prepared to study metric table then. It means all necessary reading & writing materials should be at your instant disposal.

To study does not mean that you are in anyhow less clever. It is just opposite. College education is very important, & more than possible, you can work hard with more hard classes. Everybody wants to study at a point.

Plan to Study
Prepare plan of accomplishment for studying and preparation is essential. Extra effort put onward on metric conversion table may pay

Tips on Preparing for a Crucial Exam

Exams can be extremely stressful, particularly when they’re crucial to your college career. Fortunately, steps can be taken to prepare yourself in advance, so you can don’t have to stress so much during your exams. The following tips are designed to help you prepare for a crucial exam.

• Prepare ahead of time. Look over your notes frequently, so you don’t have to cram a whole semester’s worth of information into your head at the last minute. This will help familiarize you with the terms and boost your confidence by being prepared for the exam ahead of time.

• Take notes. Everybody has their own way of taking notes, so it’s advisable that you do this on your own, rather than borrow somebody else’s notes. Writing down your own notes helps you memorize the material being studied.

• Use tools to review for your test. Highlighters were invented for the purpose of being study aids; going through your notes or textbook and highlighting all the material relevant to the exam can not only help ingrain the material into your brain, but also makes it easier to find later when you go back to study. For

Follow These Tips to Receive a Fixed Rate on Your Private Student Loan

With the climbing cost of education these days, study loans are one of the finest paths to pursue your tertiary education since many scholars can’t afford to pay the education costs. Before making the plunge and taking up a study loan, you must ask yourself these questions to choose the sort of study loan you will need. There are two main classes of study loans now available, but the best one have fixed rate. Regime college loans which are loans carried out by the govt and non-public student loans which are supplied by the personal sector. There are benefits and disadvantages to each but typically state student loans have lower IRs, are quite straightforward to get authorized since they don’t consider of your credit score. For personal college loans, the rates are sometimes higher but they permit bigger pliability when paying back the student loans. Study loan Amount in general, govt college loans are typically fixed amounts dependent on your education level. For non-public study loans, the amount that will be loan is more sundry and relying a lot on your credit score and the repayment agreement. It is advocated to borrow only the quantity of money you

Time Management Tips For College Students

In the midst of football games, hanging out with friends, sorority and frat parties, and finding a source for your next meal, where do you find time for writing papers, studying for exams, reading, and going to the gym? Have you ever fallen into the trap of just not having enough time for everything you need to get done? You may have noticed that this is one of the most common challenges that people face, and yet there are volumes of books written on this topic. Still, the problem persists and is prevalent in most everyone’s life at one time or another.

The following tips are written with your best intentions in mind . . . having as much fun as humanly possible, while also meeting the requirements placed on you by schools, parents, and professors. There is a way to get it all done; you just have to be smart about it and have a plan. So, here is where you begin:

1. Acknowledge Your Priorities. This one is tricky. Notice I said to acknowledge your priorities. This means, take a good look at your life and acknowledge (be aware of) the priorities that you

Can You Have Fun While Studying for Exams?

Of course you can have fun studying and learn while you are doing it. Studying assignments or preparing for exams need not be the frightful, exhausting experience many students have come to dread. Below are some tips shared with me by students who have mastered the art of studying to the point where they are actually getting much better grades and having fun while doing it. Studying should not be an oppressive drag on your time. One secret is for you to not take the assignment so seriously that you close yourself off from the real world.

Your Environment

Control your surroundings. The place where you study plays a prominent part in the outcome. By exercising control over your study surroundings, you are, in effect, adding a degree of comfort to the task at hand. Cramming yourself into some tiny space filled with stale air may not seem distracting to you-but it actually is! To function normally the brain needs a regular blood flow and the more oxygen in the blood, the better able you are to benefit from healthy brain function. Let’s first consider temperature:

• Keep the room temperature at a little lower

Tips and Advice For Fresh New Students

Leaving home to attend university or college is a life changing experience. For many it’s the first time they’ve ever lived away from the security of their family home.

October is traditionally the time of year when many young people are ferried off to unfamiliar towns and cities to attend their chosen university or college. They’ll meet lots of new people and face lots of hard-to-resist new temptations and distractions. Some will fall by the wayside, unable to complete their chosen studies due to financial problems, and those ever present distractions. Here are just a few tips and suggestions that may help one or two freshers to last the course.

It is worth remembering that you are not alone. Moving away from home, leaving your family and friends can be quite a wrench and if you don’t find it easy to mix and make new friends you may find yourself intimidated by all the outgoing, exuberant, extrovert fellow students who appear to dominate the student common room. Don’t worry because you are not alone. There will be others who may feel marginalised by the louder, more outgoing students so look around and you are bound to

How to Become a Better Student – and a Smarter Person

After being a college professor for 5 years, I’ve come up with some helpful ways to help students achieve greater academic success and become smarter people in the process.


Let’s state the obvious here: a good or bad teacher can single-handedly impact your learning experience. What you want to know is if your course is being taught by a general educator, or an educator with a special emphasis? Ideally, you want a teacher with an emphasis on a specific subject or related subjects such as accounting/economics or English/creative writing. The longer the teacher has taught a subject, the more likely they are to have mastered it. The teachers who are truly passionate also tend to be leaders in their fields or have author credits. They also tend to have a waiting list to get into their class. Once again, interview former students and get a first-hand accounting of their experiences so that you know what you are getting into in terms of teaching styles.


When selecting classes make sure that you do research on the course. Primarily you should be concerned with the answers to these

The Key to Student Success: Being a Prepared Student

Student success is something that is on every graduate students mind, especially considering that going to graduate school is a huge time and financial commitment. Students need to be ready and prepared to tackle this intense process, and the best way to do this is to prepare themselves as an undergraduate. While you are an undergraduate, you should master time management, study, and self-discipline skills because these skills will serve you well in graduate school.

After you have applied and been accepted to graduate school, be prepared for a minimum of 12-15 hours class time each week and 3 times as much study time outside of class. If you are not prepared to work hard and keep up, you can easily fall behind in graduate school, and student success will be unattainable. Graduate classes are often more focused on discussions and less on lectures. Consequently, students must be caught up on reading and other assignments, or they will fall behind.

What specifically are some of the ways to achieve student success in graduate school? First, you should always stay on top of your course materials. What’s the best way to stay caught up in class? Always

The Importance of Consolidating Study Loans

The loans that are given away by financial institutions to help students complete their education is termed as study loans. In order to keep up with the demands posed by various educational institutions, the financial organizations are implementing alternative monetary methods, which can be assimilated by students. These types of loans are usually paid off once the student graduates and gets into a good job. Sometimes, things might not go as planned by the students, and then you will have to face the burdens that are often integrated into these loans. In the rest of the passages, I will try to highlight certain methods that can be implemented to shed a portion of the financial burden imposed upon you.

The best and one of the easiest manners is to consolidate the study loans. The term might induce giddiness is some of the readers. However, the underlying policies are simple. Instead of satisfying the terms and conditions that are laid out by various lenders, it makes sense to consolidate the loan to a single lender. Now that you know what is to be done, how should you proceed? You will have to find the necessary authority that will

Useful Study Tips for Upcoming Exams

1. Study in an isolated and/or quiet space with a table and chairs. The less distractions, the better. Empty classrooms and study halls in libraries work well, while parks, cafes, and public spaces can be very distracting.

2. Listening to music while studying is a matter of personal preference, but if you decide to, it is preferable to listen to ambient music or music with no lyrics. You don’t want music that will cause you to lose focus, or want to dance or sing along. You should be absorbing the words on the page, not the lyrics.

3. It can be helpful to take your notes in different colors. When asked about certain subjects on your exam, you might find yourself remembering what the colors looked like on the page and therefore what the notes themselves explained.

4. If the material you are studying is reading-heavy, it can be helpful to pause every few paragraphs to paraphrase what you’ve learned in your own words. This is a helpful way to reiterate what the book tells you, and it creates a useful guide you can use later to review.

5. Schedule your study days strategically.

College Success in a Study Abroad Program

I have struggled all my life with books. Some of my colleagues were self proclaimed smart workers and some were modest enough to say that they are hardworking but dumb. In my case I tried both smart work and hard work but, unfortunately neither of the strategies worked. I guess success in college is a goal achieved by maintaining a balance.

Everyone cannot have a balance but definitely everyone wants to be successful in accomplishing their goals. Your goals while you are in an international college / University range from passing a certain number of courses to getting a degree, from eventually getting a job to getting a job that is best. Your goals may range from improving yourself personally, financially and intellectually to keeping your family happy. Whatever your goal is, the bottom line is that you want to make an impact on the college scenario by staying on top while you are away from your home country. The following suggestions cannot guarantee success in a study abroad program but they will improve the probability of success if followed

Be Organized.

To succeed at an American college / European University, a student must be

Make Money Tips For Students

Many students will be so concerned about their college studies. Let us accept the fact. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Many of them will struggle towards securing their college scholarships but only a few of them can be successfully sent off to some schools by their sponsors. How about the others? How can they make money to send themselves to school and earn their diplomas?

College education is something precious for almost everyone. However, the costs can be too high. Tuition fees, books, dorm, food, fare, and other miscellaneous expenses can obviously knock one out. For those who can unluckily be sent for a decent education by their own parents, they are forced to look for means on how to make money. Most of them apply for part time jobs, so to speak, while others are resolved to work full time and save whatever they get so one day they can finally step into the portals of the college campuses of their choice.

Luckily for everyone, the Internet has turned into a place where dreams can come true. It is an avenue that makes available both part time and full

How to Excel in Written Examinations in 3 Steps

If you had been dying to excel your Written Examinations, do not die now because you have finally come to the right place at the right time!

Whether it is from content heavy Geography to logical Mathematics, here are 3 TIME PROVEN strategies to adequately prepare you for the upcoming exams. No matter what grades you stand, these powerful techniques will empower you to better grades when put into motion.

Firstly, plan a study schedule according to the subjects tested.

Subjects tested at the later date should be scheduled earlier while the subjects tested first should be place last. This ensures that the information studied for the first exam coming up will be freshly craved into the head. On the other hand, exams scheduled at later dates can be easily revised at ease during the day before the exams as you had already studied it before hand. Time allocated for each subjects should go according to the importance of the paper and the confidence you have for the topic. The less confident you are, the more time you will need! The first step is always the most important step and the most essential to every

Why Using Study Tips is So Important

Studying is an important part of the learning experience, and it seems that an increasing number of students would greatly benefit from effective study tips and study methods. One of the best study tips is to have good study habits from an early age, and parents help by providing their school age children with a set time every day to study. It is also important that they provide a space that is quiet, with few distractions. While the set times can vary, it is important that it is set as close to when they get home from school as possible, so that the information they have learned over the course of the day is still fresh in their minds.

It is not enough to have these study tips and methods, you also have to be available to help your kids if they need it. One of the most important study tips for parents is to take an active interest in their child’s study habits, and what they are learning in school. Even parents who are younger than most find that the curriculum has changed quite a bit from when they were going to school and older parents

Study Skills For High School Students

More than a few high school students do not take their four years seriously, whether they are a freshman or seniors. School is meant for fun, right? Well that is true, but it also comes with responsibility, not necessarily to your teachers or parents, but most importantly to you. How you perform during this academic stretch will go a long way to determining your future options. With this in mind, let’s look at some study skills for high school that will help you be the determiner of your own fate.

There really is no way to avoid homework or to get around studying for quizzes and tests or final exams. As soon as you understand this, the sooner you can reach academic success. If you do not take class assignments and reviewing for tests seriously, you are headed for disaster.

Before we go over some ideas to better your chances for academic success, you should realize what good grades are good for. Firstly, you will stand out from your classmates. Do not think about the notion that people may call you a nerd. Other students would get those kinds if grades if they could. Secondly, good

Tips For Improving Reading For 6th Form Students

This article provides helpful advice to 6th Form Students regarding the reading skills needed for this stage of their educational careers. The tips and techniques are also useful for when they progress to university and beyond.

So here you are – fresh into college, and despite having read a few books in your life thus far, you suddenly find yourself faced with a mountain of knowledge bulging out of text and reference books that you need to read and digest … in a pretty short space and time. I have to concede, it seems a pretty daunting task, and quite off-putting if you are not a regular reader or someone who has trained himself to speed-read.

It appears there are two issues here: the sheer volume of necessary reading that needs to be done, and the ability, not only to read it all, but also to comprehend and digest most of it meaningfully. Let us deal with each issue separately as, on the surface, they appear to contradict each other.

First, there is the problem of the amount of reading that is expected from college students. In many cases, this may well exceed anything that

How International Students Can Meet Local Students

Local students will sometimes be very keen to meet international students, especially if they come from a country or culture that is considered to be high status. An example would be French speakers coming to Australia. Almost all Australians university study the French language at some stage during high school, and read books by French authors like Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. Paris, macchiatos and their attitude to life all contribute to making French international students ‘cool’. But what about Chinese students studying in the United States, or Japanese students going to the Czech Republic? Here are five tips to meet more local students:

1. Find the people that are interested in you.
If you are Japanese, for example, find out if there are Japanese culture clubs or societies in the city that you are studying. This could be things like Anime appreciation clubs, or Calligraphy groups. These people are locals, and the very fact that you are from Japan makes you an expert, valuable and interesting.

You find these things by searching in the local language, ‘Japanese culture club Melbourne’ other examples would be: ‘Spanish Language Exchange Group Israel’, ‘Russian Music Club Boston’, ‘Cricket club